Palm Paddle

The Palm Paddle – designed by Certified Swim Smooth Coach Martin Hill to help develop a good catch and correct the hand movement through the whole stroke

Swim Video Analysis

As a Certified Swim Smooth Coach, Martin provides the best video analysis in Spain – and attracts clients from as far afield as Russia and the US!

**NEW** On-line swim video analysis – see On-line Coaching

On-line coaching

As a BTF Level 3 Coach and fully Certified Swim Smooth Coach, Martin can provide you with a programme specifically aimed at meeting your personal needs and aspirations

**NEW** An on-line swim video analysis service is now available

Welcome to the Casa de Triatlo shop

As an extension to the bespoke and very specific coaching we provide at Casa de Triatlo, you can purchase a product or service in our shop that relates directly to our coaching service provided here in Spain.

Palm Paddle

The Palm Paddle has been designed specifically to develop a good catch; the unique design retains the correct position of the hand whilst encouraging the ‘early vertical catch’ (EVF) necessary for an effective catch. The unique shape provides feedback throughout the swim stroke – as it moves in the hand if the stroke is not correct – and promotes a greater feel for the water post Palm Paddle training on both the hand and forearm. Used by professional and age-group triathletes, including Leanda Cave.

Reviews from coaches, triathletes (professional and age group), swimmers and triathlon media all agree on the benefits of using the Palm Paddle.

Swim  Video Analysis

A swim video analysis will provide you with the tools and techniques you need to take your swimming to the next level. The session includes filming with the latest HD video camera from all angles – above and below water, a stroke correction swim session focussing on the areas where your stroke needs developing and a video analysis session using software that not only analyses your stroke but will also capture and record the analysis for you to take away on a DVD.

The session takes around 2 hours to complete; if you would like to visit Alicante for this session – many do from as far afield as the UK to Russia – contact Martin for more information.


The next best thing to personal video analysis – On-line Swim Video Analysis! Record yourself swimming and post the video to YouTube, send the link to Martin and you will get an analysis of your stroke plus 6 swim sessions developed specifically to help you correct your technique – SEE ON-LINE COACHING

Bespoke Coaching

If you would like to progress your training after leaving Casa de Triatlo, or would like to begin a structured training programme, Martin can provide a weekly training programme, with guidance on all aspects of the training to take you through to your chosen objective. Programmes can be provided solely for swim, bike or run or as a comprehensive triathlon programme.

A new On-line Swim Video Analysis option is now also available if you can’t have a personal session with Martin