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Swim Video Analysis – Alicante

As a Swim Coach, Martin is highly trained and experienced in advanced swim video analysis techniques using the latest technology to help swimmers of all abilities.  If you feel you have reached a plateau with your swimming and struggle to make advances, a video analysis will take you to the next level by identifying the key areas for you to focus on. Not only will the session identify these areas but Martin will coach you through the appropriate techniques so that you know what and, just as importantly, how to perform them.

You will be filmed using extremely high quality HD video from all angles whilst swimming (above and below water) – in a real pool to be able to quickly and accurately correct your stroke; camera angles are not fixed so any part of your stroke can be captured.

During the analysis unique elite video archive and tools / animations will be used as necessary to demonstrate to you how your stroke compares in key areas.

The whole analysis will be recorded – including any video of elite swimmers/triathletes and the drills required for you to develop, and the analysis conversation – this will be saved onto a DVD and provided to you at the end of the session for you to watch as often as you like in the comfort of your home.


5.00 out of 5

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  1. 5 out of 5

    Rating by Alfonso on May 5, 2015 :

    Excellent session!-Martin picked up pretty quick my technique weak areas and based on my background and swim style delievered me a great briefing to improve! apart from that he did all his best to communicate with me since English is not my mother tongue!
    Definitely recommended..if you have a chance to go to Alicante..contact Martin!

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  • Excellent – I enjoyed the session and was put at ease very quickly which helped get value for my time. If I wasn’t an old git I would enlist Martin as a coach but I suspect the days of trying to win anything are long past.

  • Martin is a very good communicator, and ensures you understand before moving on to the next point or topic, I am now more positive in my swimming ability and hope to see improvements very shortly and turn what is currently a chore into an activity I enjoy.

  • Martin is a very good communicator, and ensures you understand before moving on to the next point or topic, really impressed, through the video analysis I saw proof of all my mistakes and they are very much in the Arnie bracket- something I failed to identify myself without video footage. Excellent, very friendly and very clear in all explanations etc

  • Martin was very good, clear instructions – listened to all my questions and answered them all. I now feel very positive and now the chance to re correct what’s wrong quite simply with the right drills